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Peer to Peer meetings:

peer to peer meetings offer the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with like minded people talking about and listening to conversations about creativity in any medium.  it is our intention that the meetings serve as a safe place in which one can give one’s creative practice some space in which to grow.

the agenda for the meeting is set on the fly in an informal way as we encourage bringing something with you that you can talk about and show the rest of the group.  we’ve had paintings, sculptures, mosaics, yarn bombing, books, letraset and videos shown and talked about.  we like hearing passionate people talk about what they have made.

we particularly encourage conversations about ideas and the development of them.

 I think that is what sets your organisation apart. it is about bringing the germ of an idea to the table to be nutured!   ~ Ruth Gray


we charge £3.50 per session to cover the room rental and includes refreshments. the date of the next meeting is at the bottom of this page.


if you’re new to selling your work or are considering a new line of work to sell and would like some advice about how to set a price for what you make, we’ve prepared a blog post from what we’ve learnt about this topic within the group. the post contains ideas of things to consider when setting a new price. click here to read it >>>

If you want any more information you can contact andrew on or Chris on or use the contact form here>>>

Please email us if you intend to attend so we can get in enough biscuits.


the july 2014 meeting is a picnic happening in the belper river gardens. the picnic will be in the grassy area in the children’s playground, so both picnics and children are encouraged.



we would like to acknowledge the financial help and support from the Derbyshire Community Foundation in getting the Peer to Peer meetings established.
Derbyshire Community Foundation


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