the project section of the website has been added today.  i’m really pleased to see all that we’ve done collated into one place as it starts to give a feel to what corridor arts is.  i’ve particularly liked going back throught he archives and drawing out my favourite pictures of the things we’ve done.

one thing that has been important in this website development work has been our descision last year to take a year off from organising the art  trail in july, part of the food festival run by the belper town council food festvial comittee.  in taking the year off we’ve been able to review our website,  consider other projects and embark on some personal development plans

christine has realised her dream of training to become a forest school leader and has begun that process and we acknowledge the support and funding provided by the derbyshire community foundation. andrew has been working to  set up a one to one mentoring service conducted online.

we have some other project ideas too, so i’m hopeful that in time to come we can add more exciting images to the project section of our website.


project section featured image


the featured image on this post is a detail of analogies (2) by julie clare. we displayed it in 2011 as part of the first belper art trail.