Portfolio past

our betty kenny walk 2010

a walk to visit the betty kenny tree in ambergate.   along the way we sketched, drew, photographed, rearranged twigs and generally enjoyed being outdoors for a few hours.

the abandoned projects project 2010

as the name suggests, this project was to re-connect with a project that had been abandoned. in so doing chris ran two hour sessions that provided an opportunity to make with other artists and makers while concluding something hither to abandoned.

paintings by alice kell in an empty shop in 2010 in derby

exhibition of paintings by alice kell derby : 2010

in attempting our first project in an empty shop in derby we found our name and through a particluarly helpful landlord were finally able to mount this exhibition for a month. we’d seen a painting by alice in the taliswoman project in leicester. the project was about the life and work of artemisia gentileschi. christine…