2012 belper art trail

a hare painting by jenny oldknow
paintings of unicorns
the book shop in belper
murmation participatory art project
art trail map in tourist info board
hair design in belper
a portrait of a man
felt and china eyes
line drawings on cloth
sculptures in the library
layered sculpture in belper north mill

2012 was very much the year of celebration and the year of participation.  the nation was celebrating the queen’s jubilee and would go onto be emthralled by the olympics from london. in belper the celebrations were in the library – 75 years and the east mill – 100 years.

the mill inspired the theme for the art trail. both the east mill and north mill are of significant historical importance, yet both at times struggle to remain relevent today. this struggle was encompassed in the call out to artists for the trail. we invited artists to take an old exisiting work and find a new relevence for it for the trail.

several works involved the participation of the public. sara brighty invited members of the public to draw something on a sofa and julie clare invited members of the public to contribute to her work strata

to help promote the trail we ran the participatory murmation project, as once again we’d not attempted to get any funding to realise the project but instead chose to have a small charge for making a submission and being as resourceful as possible with social media coverage.

the title of the trail was re/relevence.

2012 belper art trail

we kept a blog for the duration of the 2012 trail project. it helped was to build an audience by providing a space in which we could discuss stuff to do with the trail and other activities that we made during the year leading to the fortnight that the trail was live.

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