belper well dressings2012

puddling clay in preparation for the well dressing
a well dressing with pattern scratched into the clay
leaves being placed into the clay
nine people working on a well dressing
a view of a partly finished well dressing
chris laying leaves into the clay
corridor arts well dressing in the river gardens belper

in 2012 the belper well dressings were due to be on display during the second week of the belper art trail. as a group we decided to take part in the well dressings to experience the very traditional process of making a well.

the design came from an entry to the murmation project. in making the well we decided to forage for all the natural materials to make the well.

the process to make the well spanned a week and in total we had 21 people take part in making the well. these were both children and adults.

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