the big energy projectdevelopment begun june 2014

this is a project in development, led by andrew and is for the belper transition group.

details are vague right now, but as andrew works out what this project is, we’ll fill in the gaps …

what we know so far is that the starting point of the discussion was belper transition’s energy descent action plan. the group behind the plan had collected an array of data about the subject.  andrew became aware of the group’s wish to somehow commuicate this information in a film.  andrew suggested a film format that contains the parts of the overall story in a database. this format has choice at the heart of the film viewing experience.

the notion of choice was a key interest for the group.

development begun in june 2014.

through discussion with the energy group it emerged that the energy descent action plan originally was intended as something that the grooup could approach the local authority to discuss it.

through the research undertaken by andrew to inform the development of the project it started to emerge that at the heart of the idea was a need to bring individuals together to experience new things.

in satelite discussions with other active members of the transition group andrew realised that it would be possible to realised multiple threads of ideas as originally concieved for the film whose contents was held in an online database. this database being accessed via a custom user inteface to provide the viewer with an enjoyable and coherent experience.


in the course of the developemt period andrew also realised that the langauge adopted to describe the project needed to be carefully considered. the word film being superceded by project. the original idea of having a storey held in a database was always going to need activities to be made to be able to film stuff to be included in the database.  by early august andrew as considering the overall idea as a project.


by mid august andrew had arrived at a more informed outline concept and this was  presented  to the energy group near to the end of august 2014.


at the august 2014 meeting a name for the project was agreed upon. the project is referred to as the big energy project.


following recieving the mandate from the transition group as a whole in early september, the tricky task of making the poject happen started to evolve at the septmeber 2014 meeting for the project. at this meeting a first activity was agreed upon and an initial strategy about communicating about the overall project and the elements within that concept.


october / november saw further development of the first activity and a name being found for it so now we are working towards the cup of tea challenge.  indeed andrew made his own attempt of the cup of tea challenge and the film of this was presented at the december 2014 transition meeting….


further updates about the project can be found at the big energy project blog


and still …

andrew will need help from lots of people to realise the project….

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