exhibition of paintings by alice kellderby : 2010

a man pauses to look at a pianting by alice kell
a viewwer waling by work by alice kell
looking towards work by alice kell with a person in the foreground
a candid view of an alice kell exhibition
a pinting by alice kell
two paintings being view by two people in derby in 2010
two men looking at two paintings by alice kell
a smiling alice kell in 2010

in attempting our first project in an empty shop in derby we found our name and through a particluarly helpful landlord were finally able to mount this exhibition for a month.

we’d seen a painting by alice in the taliswoman project in leicester. the project was about the life and work of artemisia gentileschi. christine also had a peice of work on show alongside alice’s painting.


alice kell


Alice has a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art Painting from Loughborough University where she specialized in traditional oil painting. She studied Foundation Art at Clarendon College in Nottingham and is a former student of Repton School and Ecclesbourne school, Derbyshire.


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