the murmation project2011 - 2012

thirty drawings hanging in a shop window
a drawing by jeny seals
lorraine clewlow murmation project entry
an advertising page for murmation project
a drawing of lines
murmation project entry
murmation project entry
murmation project entry

the murmation project ran as a participatory activity from october 2011 to july 2012. the project centrered around an a4 sheet with some marks already made. to participate, teh sheet was downloaded, marks added adn returned to us via post or email.

we showed all the submissions as part of the 2012 belper art trail.

we chose kate moses entry for the 2012 corridor arts well dressing design.

in the slide show there are entries by:

jenny seals
lorraine clewlow
david riley
nikki dennett
ola mesmer
ruth gray



murmation project


read more about the murmation project on the 2012 art trail blog


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